Paige Surico

DryShield has been a huge bonus to the office I work at. It has cut down the time almost in half for our operative visits.I work at the pediatric dentist office and the kids say it is a lot more comfortable then the rubber dam isolation we used to use. It catches all the water so the kids don’t feel like they are choking with all the water. I love that I can custom fit each DryShield for each patient. I even have some 3-year olds who are great with it! We use it for just about everything… fillings, stainless steal crowns, nu smile crowns, sealants, ultrasonic scaling and air polishing! I love it for air polishing because everything just gets sucked up right away. It used to take me 17-20 mins to do 4 sealants and now it only takes me 10 and I don’t even need an assistant passing things to me. It keeps the tooth completely dry. After I am done with it I just wash it off in the sink and drop it in the ultrasonic and then autoclave it. Even our general anesthesia cases have been going faster. We are able to work on 2 quadrants at a time instead of just one while the child is asleep. This has saved our patients’ parents lots of money since anesthesia cases are not cheap. This product has made everyone’s life better, from the dentist to the assistants.