Laura Ruscio, CDA

DryShield is such a great product! I have been an assistant for 35 years and I always joked that I wished I had a third arm – now I do ! DryShield is an assistant’s assistant.Procedures run more smoothly, patients love it because they don’t have to hold their jaw open or feel like they need to swallow all the time, and I love it because I can be of even better service during procedures since I’ve got both my hands free. Four-handed dentistry never looked so good!

I stay in the room – but I have heard of dentists using DryShield to work alone – especially with the assistant shortage there is.
As for my situation – we were already 4-handed before DryShield, now it is even better because I don’t need my hands to retract/suction. In true 4-handed dentistry the assistant has everything on his/her side – which is how I do it – but now I can rinse/dry/pass much more quickly and easily and my doctor can stay even more focused on the tooth. And if I have to leave the room for some reason, my doctor can just keep on going.
As a side note, SRP’s go way faster too and the patient doesn’t feel like they are drowning 🙂.