Dr. Stephen Hamelburg

DryShield has made me a better dentist. I have used many isolation methods in the past and DryShield combines excellent retraction for visibility, strong suction for drying the field and comfort for the patient better than any of the others. I LOVE that it is economical by being autoclavable. I am a general dentist and I use DryShield on everything! Restorative, crown and bridge, sealants. I even use it for extractions. I love the retraction and drying for when I am scanning images with my CEREC Omnicam acquisition unit. DryShield saves time and money. Less issue with contamination is big but much bigger is patient comfort and the ability to complete procedures quickly. No more talkative patients, gagging patients, patients with muscular tongues… Huge time savings. I put in the DryShield and go until I am done. So far my team has said it is easy and predictable. Following the step by step guide has given me confidence that the shields can be safely reused. My previous isolation/bite block system were disposable. The savings has been tremendous. That savings would not be worth it if I didn’t have confidence that the autoclave system and procedures were thorough and met all gudelines.