Dr. Sonjamae Langton-Yanowitz

I have used many other isolation products and DryShield is superior. It is quieter than other things I’ve tried, it’s easier to put in the mouth, and it’s more economical. It’s a win-win win! Seriously, I would have trouble going back to doing dentistry without DryShield. It would be like doing dentistry without loupes. I am grateful for a technology that makes my job SO much easier, saves me money, and makes me faster. I use DryShield on crown preps, fillings, and sealants. It frees up my assistant to do other things, so my assistants love it, too. Also, I have an assistant who can place fillings. She is able to do fillings by herself using DryShield and she doesn’t need her own assistant. My hygienist loves to use DryShield for scaling and root planing too. I am definitely quicker when using DryShield: maybe about 30% quicker. Also, I need less assistants because DryShield is like a robot assistant. So it saves me money by making me faster and not needing to pay for as many assistant hours.I was hesitant at first if it was able to be sterilized to the same degree as other instruments. I tried the 30 day free trial so that I could see how well the mouthpieces could be sterilized. I have not had any issues.