Dr. Skowronski

“DryShield is one of the best dental inventions I have used! Every dentist should have this as part of their general restorative instrument set up. It has allowed both myself and my assistant to work faster, better and stress free during appointments. Once the advantages of DryShield are explained to the patients (big and small) they love it as well. I use DryShield for all operative procedures, crown preps and especially for bonding brackets and Invisalign attachments. I even bracketed a 3rd molar! The time savings is unbelievable! We stopped putting cotton rolls, dry angles and many 2×2 gauzes on our setup tray. The isolation and visibility is excellent. We mark size and number of sterilization cycles on each bag after ultrasonic cleaning, using DryShield brushes to remove debris and disassembling the DryShield. It is very easy!”