Dr. Shah

“The DryShield system has been an amazing and effective tool for building my practices. Before, I was using cotton rolls and dry angles and was only able to do one quadrant at a time. Now, with perfect half mouth isolation, I am able to see my field much clearer and increase the quality of my restorations. I use the DryShield for procedures such as pulp/sscs, class I,II,II restorations, strip crowns, and cementation of space maintainers. The DryShield also is effective when used for extractions because it prevents any possibility of the tooth falling into the patient’s throat. Having autoclavable mouthpieces have drastically cut my overhead compared to when I was using competitor products. It is easy to clean and can be used up to 50 times. My assistants look forward to coming to work so they can use it in the office! Overall, I am very happy with the product and so are my patients and their parents! I love DryShield!”