Dr. Sarkissian

“DryShield is a wonderful product which provides isolation, comfort, and more importantly, believe it or not, safety. Particularly during procedures we routinely perform, such as CEREC, we can perform both the prep as well as the full intraoral scan without having to remove DryShield. As far as safety during removal of amalgam fillings, if we are unable to place rubber dam, DryShield will protect the patient from swallowing mercury/amalgam dust or large particles, as these usually are hard to catch despite the best suctioning techniques. Moreover, the one day I did not use DryShield while working on a lower molar, a patient with a small mouth swallowed, which of course in a split second moved her tongue directly into the bur’s path, causing a cut. This would not have happened if I had DryShield. Today DryShield is my first choice for isolation before I start work.”