Dr. Nathan Becker

DryShield has been a win from the moment we started using it. We recouped our investment cost in increased production revenue in less than a day and a half. We use DryShield during all restorative procedures, and I can easily see it being beneficial when placing sealants. DryShield has increased our restorative production by — and I’m notkidding here — at least 20%, and that’s with reliable isolation that beats even that of a rubber dam. I work exclusively with children, and DryShield has dramatically eased many of the common concerns which frequently arise when treating younger patients, such as pooling saliva & wandering tongues. As long as any oral fluids are thoroughly rinsed away and the mouthpieces are further cleansed in a proteolytic ultrasonic bath, the mouthpieces come out of the autoclave looking brand new every time. It’s crucial to my practice philosophy that waste be minimized, and I’m happy DryShield’s mouthpieces are autoclavable compared to other disposable products