Dr. Jordan

“The DryShield I got from you has been a blessing. I use it on almost every patient. It keeps the tongue and cheek out of the way and allows me to work without an assistant. The patients are more comfortable resting their jaw on the bite block, while allowing me to work much faster with less stress since I am no longer fighting the tongue, cheek, saliva or water; and I have great access to any tooth. I have been doing fillings, crown and bridge preps and cementing with the DryShield. It’s so easy to use and my patients are more relaxed. I had been using a competitive product for years but DryShield is softer and easier to use, and I love that it can be sterilized and reused. My assistant usually sizes the mouthpiece and instructs the patient. She tells them that this is important to protect them from the old amalgam debris that I will be removing. It will keep them from swallowing the old filling materials and at the same time protecting their lip, cheek and tongue from the doctor’s instruments. We find that with this explanation, the patients are very compliant with the use of the DryShield. I recommend DryShield highly and would not do without it.”