Dr. Hwang

“DryShield is perfect for pediatric practice where kid’s attention span is so short. I could be efficient and less local anesthetic can be given since I don’t have to put clamps for rubber dams. I use DryShield for most all of my operative procedures including composites, stainless steel crowns, etc. Also, I use it for multiple sealants because I could etch both upper and lower arch together saving time and improving the retention with longer etching time. The sealants I place with DryShield gives me an extra hand to retract operculum on mandibular 1st or 2nd molars, improving the quality and retention of the sealants dramatically. Not only the time saving (which is about 20-30% for sealants only procedure and 50% for operative procedures, I love the quality that I get with DryShield.”