Dr. Harold Kenneth West

I have been using DryShield for 7 months. I use it on approximately 90% of my restorative patients (fillings, crown, bridge, even implants). I love using DryShield as it allows me to work much faster and more confidently (compared to cotton roll isolation) knowing that it will be suctioning and retracting all at the same time. When placing restorations I love predictably having a dry field and it has even caught a few broken burs for me. Compared to similar products, I enjoy the cost savings in the fact that DryShield can be autoclaved rather then single use. My assistants report it takes them about 30 seconds or less to clean it before placing in the ultrasonic followed by the autoclave. Overall, I will continue to use DryShield as it allows me to work much more quickly, more predictably having a clean dry field, and less stressful knowing that the tongue is retracted, or a bur or implant screw will be caught.