Dr. Ergas

“So, I finally took the big step and tried DryShield. I had been wanting to find something similar to my modern isolation system that was sterilizable and not disposable because of the economics of my pediatric dental practice. I recently had a crown redone and my dentist used Isolite on me. Unfortunately, I needed something that would be less costly. So when I saw DryShield’s ad for the 45 day free trial I had to give it a whirl. I had nothing to lose. DryShield exceeded my expectations and my assistants loved it. This is definitely and adjunct for the “tool box” in any dental practice. It is fantastic for sealants and restorative on “good” patients. Many of the “kiddos” liked it better then the rubber dam. Isolation for sealants was far superior compared to cotton rolls and dry angles. I found it far less stressful because it is much easier to maintain a dry field and control moisture – key to sealant success for any practitioner. Faster and less armamentarium. You can do complete sealants and restorative on both the maxillary and mandibular arches simultaneously for each side – this is a time savings. No cotton rolls, no dry angles, no saliva ejector. Wow!!! Give it a “whirl” you will be pleasantly surprised how well DryShield really works.”