Dr. Ashish Patel

DryShield has changed how I practice dentistry at Nashville Dentistry Co. It has allowed me to be more efficient with restorations and even surprisingly crown preparations. I am able to prepare and fill quadrants in a shorter periods of time due to the patient not having to take as many breaks. In addition, I am able to cut down on patient’s chair time and visits to the dental office. Patients are more relaxed and calmer with the DryShield in their mouth.I use DryShield for prepping and filling composite restorations, crown preparations, core buildups, and even cementation of crowns. My hygienist use DryShield also.Time savings are unbelievable. I am able to reduce patient chair time and ensure they are comfortable during the procedures. It also has changed how patients perceive the dental chair. My patients actually request using a DryShield device. The key is I am able to isolate and keep saliva from contaminating my preparations.Autoclaving the mouthpieces is a game changer. It is nice to be able to try different sizes without worrying about throwing away mouthpieces due to wrong sizing. I recommend DryShield over the competitorany day. I recommend any new office make this is an essential purchase. I have now added DryShield to all of my dental chairs.