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    Dr. Robert Margeas
    Des Moines, IA

    The DryShield really makes it easy to keep the tongue out of the way. In suctioning, you can almost work without an assistant, which I don’t recommend. But it keeps everything dry. Allows you to be able to see better. It’s a really great product. I really enjoy this product a lot!

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    Dr. Kalmanovich
    Laguna Beach, CA

    “Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful product into our practice. I use it for crowns and filling procedures. I also have my hygienist using it for sealants. I’ve only used it a few times, but it looks fine after the autoclave. For now, I am placing the mouthpiece, but I am training my assistants to do so in the future. The material feels comfortable and it is very easy to install.”

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    Dr. Douglas
    Rocklin, CA

    “I have been a supporter of isolation devices like DryShield from the beginning. Now that DryShield created a mouthpiece that can be sterilized, I use it all day to complete procedures like hygiene, composites, extractions, implant placement, and crowns. The mouthpiece is amazing; it sterilizes and keeps its crystal clear appearance. The quality and quantity of my dental services have only increased, yet my stress and frustration with isolation has vanished. It takes 4-handed dentistry to 6- or 8-handed dentistry comparatively.”

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    Dr. Jordan
    Woodland Hills, CA

    “The DryShield I got from you has been a blessing. I use it on almost every patient. It keeps the tongue and cheek out of the way and allows me to work without an assistant. The patients are more comfortable resting their jaw on the bite block, while allowing me to work much faster with less stress since I am no longer fighting the tongue, cheek, saliva or water; and I have great access to any tooth. I have been doing fillings, crown and bridge preps and cementing with the DryShield. It’s so easy to use and my patients are more relaxed. I had been using a competitive product for years but DryShield is softer and easier to use, and I love that it can be sterilized and reused. My assistant usually sizes the mouthpiece and instructs the patient. She tells them that this is important to protect them from the old amalgam debris that I will be removing. It will keep them from swallowing the old filling materials and at the same time protecting their lip, cheek and tongue from the doctor’s instruments. We find that with this explanation, the patients are very compliant with the use of the DryShield. I recommend DryShield highly and would not do without it.”

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    Dr. Pranckun
    Denver, PA

    “I’ve been using DryShield for a few weeks and am very happy. A lot of the patients like them also. Definitely improves efficiency because you don’t have to wait for the assistant to suction. They can just keep getting other things ready. There is no delay, which I love.”

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    Dr. Martik
    Pittsburgh, PA

    “DryShield has made my life so much easier. I use it for all restorative and crown and bridge procedures. I’d estimate it saves me about 30% procedural time. I have a couple mouthpieces in the lineup for the past 2 months and have not thrown one out yet. They appear to be holding up very nicely after lots of autoclave cycles. Overall, very happy with the product and the customer service is great. I would not hesitate to recommend DryShield to my colleagues.”

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    Dr. Safaei
    Bakersfield, CA

    “We ordered the DryShield after being frustrated with the cost involved with other products that forced us to discard mouthpieces after every patient. We always liked the concept and how it would be utilized in our practice and after discovering that DryShield mouthpieces were autoclavable, it was a done deal. We are able to use the DryShield for any of our procedures including crown preps, SRPs, fillings, etc. We find them especially useful for hygiene procedures and speeding the time required to complete them without an assistant. It’s like having assisted hygiene, without the assistant. Overall, we are satisfied with our DryShield and find them an integral part of our practice.”

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    Dr. Shah
    Fort Washington, PA

    “The DryShield system has been an amazing and effective tool for building my practices. Before, I was using cotton rolls and dry angles and was only able to do one quadrant at a time. Now, with perfect half mouth isolation, I am able to see my field much clearer and increase the quality of my restorations. I use the DryShield for procedures such as pulp/sscs, class I,II,II restorations, strip crowns, and cementation of space maintainers. The DryShield also is effective when used for extractions because it prevents any possibility of the tooth falling into the patient’s throat. Having autoclavable mouthpieces have drastically cut my overhead compared to when I was using competitor products. It is easy to clean and can be used up to 50 times. My assistants look forward to coming to work so they can use it in the office! Overall, I am very happy with the product and so are my patients and their parents! I love DryShield!”

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    Dr. Shifteh
    Pearl River, NY

    “As a start-up, keeping overhead at a minimum is very important. With Dryshield I was able to work without an assistant in the room. It is a great tool for quadrant restorative, crown and bridge prepping and celebration, and sealants for the kids.

    Patients seem to prefer me working with it than without, as they don’t have to worry about their tongue getting in the way or water going down their throat.”

    The best part is they are 100% autoclavable!

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    Dr. Kon
    Colton, CA

    “The DryShield makes dentistry easier not only for myself, but also for my patients and assistants. I use the DryShield on procedures including fillings, crowns, and bridges. It saves a lot of time with patients that tend to move their tongues often, and we find that it works great on kids! It makes dental procedures more efficient and helps keep the patients comfortable. It is also convenient that the mouthpieces are autoclavable!”

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    Dr. Hashemi
    Houston, TX

    “DryShield has been my best investment to date hands down! I have a family oriented general dental practice and it works beautifully and efficiently on all patients from small children to large adults. I use DryShield to isolate and retract in order to do stainless steel crowns and fillings and sealants on small children; on adults I use it for deep cleanings and crowns and bridges as well as fillings. My work time has been cut in half. I don’t have to wait for my assistant in order to start treatment, I can just get straight to work! Ever since I got DryShield my production has significantly increased and some days doubled. It is extremely easy to use and the best part is it can be sterilized and reused so it’s very affordable. I would really highly recommend this product!!”

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    Dr. Welsh
    Houston, TX

    “I’ve been using DryShield for about a year now. I use it for all operative and fixed procedures. It’s great because it allows me to get started without an assistant if necessary. We tried other isolation systems but my assistant preferred the DryShield, even though it requires a few more seconds on her part to autoclave it. It does seem to isolate better and keep things drier. Overall, we’re very happy with the purchase, especially due to the huge cost savings on the front end and the savings that come from being able to completely clean and reuse the mouthpieces.”

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    Dr. Brody
    Englewood, NJ

    “DryShield has been a blessing for our office. I use it daily for almost all dental procedures. DryShield allows me to work comfortably anywhere in the mouth, while allowing the patient to relax at the same time. A true win-win for patient and doctor. It has been a real practice builder. It is very easy to use and the fact that it can be sterilized and have many uses makes it a cost effective choice for our office. My only complaint is that I didn’t start using DryShield sooner!”

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    Dr. Galdiano
    Oceanside, CA

    “DryShield- we love it!!! Thank you DryShield for creating this product! This is such a time saving device that I use in my dental office at every chance I get! I use it when my assistants are occupied with another task i.e. taking xrays on an emergency patient or pouring stone models to name a few. I use it to isolate uncooperative tongues? and for patients that have a bad gag reflex. My hygienists love this product especially when they are using the ultrasonic scaler! It is also very comfortable to the patient. It can be set up in less than a minute and sterilization of the mouthpieces is so easy!
    We are so glad that we found this product!”

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    Dr. Lucente
    New York, NY

    “So far DryShield has helped to give me better isolation when doing composites. The reuseable mouthpieces are handy. I do not feel like I am wasting them and it is better for the environment. Patients are really comfortable with it and it helps me to work more efficiently. Using DryShield allows my assistant to do other things in the office because I do not need someone to suction next to me. I use DryShield for almost all procedures!”

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    Dr. Ahmed
    Belingham, WA

    “DryShield works unbelievably well with almost every dental procedure. With DryShield, the jaw is stable, and retracting cheeks and tongues are a thing of the past. I use it with bonded dentistry, crowns and bridges including digital scanning for these procedures, and even bonding orthodontic brackets and cementing bands. I use it also when I place dental implants and before taking the impressions for it. When I deliver the abutment and cement the crown, it helps very well to prevent the patient from swallowing or inhaling dental implant parts. My assistants love to use it on kids to apply sealants and its make SRPs very easy procedure for my hygienist. DryShield usually saves me between 15-20 minutes on dental procedures, it’s an awesome product, and I highly recommend it for my dental colleagues”

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    Dr. Skowronski
    Shelby Town, MI

    “DryShield is one of the best dental inventions I have used! Every dentist should have this as part of their general restorative instrument set up. It has allowed both myself and my assistant to work faster, better and stress free during appointments. Once the advantages of DryShield are explained to the patients (big and small) they love it as well.
    I use DryShield for all operative procedures, crown preps and especially for bonding brackets and Invisalign attachments. I even bracketed a 3rd molar! The time savings is unbelievable! We stopped putting cotton rolls, dry angles and many 2×2 gauzes on our setup tray. The isolation and visibility is excellent.
    We mark size and number of sterilization cycles on each bag after ultrasonic cleaning, using DryShield brushes to remove debris and disassembling the DryShield. It is very easy!”

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    Dr. Agah
    Palo Alto, CA

    “I have been using DryShield for several months and it has increased the efficiency and ease of treatments. My assistant is free to perform other duties in the office and patients like the fact that they are not drowning with water. You can autoclave the mouthpieces which is great savings over other isolation systems. Easy installation and very practical. We use it for almost all of our procedures, even some cleanings. I have used it on adults and children and the mouthpieces fit everyone. One of the best purchases for my office.”

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    Dr. Huh
    Watseka, IL

    “In my opinion DryShield is hands down the best invention for efficient dentistry. Aside from the isolation and suction, it frees up space in the pt’s mouth, frees up my assistant’s hands so she can finish the note or prepare the next step, and frees up time because I can do things so much faster! And the DryShield mouthpiece is autoclavable! AUTOCLAVABLE! I use the DryShield on composites, amalgams, crown/bridge preps, implant placements, and the Pinhole Surgical Technique. If there is water in the patient’s mouth, the DryShield is there to suction and isolate my working field. I can safely say that my office is saving at least 30 minutes a day using the DryShield because not only does it let me work faster, it frees up my assistants hands! There are no more excuses for having little things unfinished by the end of the day. Rinse thoroughly, especially when using the DryShield for removing amalgams, and then autoclave. If there is a product that is autoclavable versus a single use product, the autoclavable product wins everytime!”

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    Dr. Logullo
    Greenville, IL

    “Every so often in dentistry a product comes along and changes the way you practice. For me it has been magnification, head lamps, and rotary NiTi endo files. Recently I have started using the DryShield in my office and it has made me and my assistant’s life so much better. It makes every procedure faster, more accurate, and dry! The rubber dam is yesterday, the DryShield is the future. Having an autoclaveable mouthpiece makes this system more affordable than other products out there. The other day I was doing a difficult restoration on #15. It was so much easier because of DryShield. I looked up and my assistant was watching the TV and I didn’t even miss her.”

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    Dr. Stettler
    Colorado Springs, CO

    “I found myself agonizing over my monthly disposable expenses in my office when I was using other isolation systems. This made it difficult for me to justify using them on all patients and in all situations. Then I stumbled across DryShield! I knew immediately that I had found my solution. DryShield allows me to sterilize the mouthpieces saving me overhead cost and allowing me to offer the same service to all patients. There was a learning curve, but my staff and I now use DryShield will all our patients. We love it and so do our patients.”

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    Dr. Avery
    Waukegan, IL

    “I love DryShield! In a growing practice, where I only have one assistant, it makes life so much easier. I can work alone if necessary and give my assistant time to do other tasks. My favorite feature so far is no longer having to wrestle with the patient’s tongue. Works great for restorative procedures. This system is easy to use and very well priced. I’ve already recommended it to my colleagues.”

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    Dr. Sokoly
    Washington, DC

    “We absolutely love our DryShield system! It’s a huge time-saver for all of our dental procedures, especially quadrant dentistry, crown and bridge, and sealants. We’ve noticed a considerable savings involving the time for procedures and that makes for better patient satisfaction. Overall I would recommend DryShield system to any dental office that wants to save time in their practice and provide comfort and excellent isolation for their patients for nearly all dental procedure.”

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    Dr. Vu
    San Jose, CA

    “I initially purchased 3 DryShield systems to try out in my office. DryShield can be autoclaved. Therefore, I don’t need to stack up my inventory. After 3 months of using it, I have decided to order 3 more to complete all my operatories. I use DryShield on all my procedure including fillings and crowns. I recommend DryShield to all my friends and colleagues.”

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    Dr. Cope
    Enterprise, UT

    “DryShield has been a time and money saver for my practice. I use DryShield for crowns, restorative, and sealants. While prepping crowns and fillings my assistant is able to fill out charts, set up for the next patient, or whatever she needs to do because I am able to prep without her being by my side. While doing sealants I can put the DryShield in and do all 8 sealants on one side of the mouth, by myself or my assistant/hygienist by themselves, in a matter of minutes without fighting the tongue and worrying about saliva contamination. Overall, DryShield has saved me time, money, and allows me to do more procedures in a day. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.”

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    Dr. Bovili
    Beverly Hills, CA

    “DryShield has been working out great for me. I use it for almost all my restorative procedures. Most patients are able to tolerate the mouthpieces well, sometimes even ones with a gag reflex. The small and pedo sizes tend to work best for them. Biggest benefit for me is that DryShield keeps the area I’m working on clean and isolated. I don’t have to worry about the tongue or the buccal tissue which gives me a clean and visible working field. This is great because it allows me to work much faster. The mouthpieces are easy to clean and autoclave.”

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    Dr. Krupa
    Sacramento, CA

    “After nearly 4 decades of being a dentist, every once in a while a product or an idea comes along that is a game changer. DryShield is one of those products that is a win-win-win for the patient, assistant and the dentist. For the patient it helps keep the tongue and cheek out of the way while being able to rest their jaw on the “tooth pillow”. The assistant is enabled to offer six handed dentistry. The dentist has increased visibility, and efficiency therefore able to reduce chair time. All of this with an autoclavable affordable product.”

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    Dr. Papinsick
    Overland Park, KS

    “As an associate dentist, a stable and tenured dental assistant seemed like a luxury consistently out of reach. At the time that decision was out of my hands and I often imagined a day where access and isolation came consistently and easy.

    As I prepared to start my own practice I started to research isolation devices. In an era where student debt and practice startup expenses are absolutely crushing, DryShield has become a money saver and a stress reducer. I am able to work independently, comfortably and efficiently performing everything from periodontal to prosthodontic procedures. The device is easy to clean and autoclave and really well received by patients. It is a straightforward call to make this device a part of both your clinical protocol and business plan. “

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    Dr. McDonald
    Aurora, CO

    “I love working with DryShield! It’s like having another chairside assistant. In combination with magnification and illumination, DryShield makes dentistry easier, faster, and more predictable.
    My patients find it much more comfortable than the rubber dam. Thanks DryShield!!”

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    Dr. Yamazaki
    Gardena, CA

    “I use DryShield for my sealants, composites, crown preps, SRPs, periodontal maintenance, and intraoral digital impressions.
    I have seen my production increase using DryShield because it shortens my procedure time allowing at least an extra hour of production per day. It has also reduced the level of stress among the assistants and doctors. Please drop by anytime if you have any other products or advancements on Dryshield. My staff and I loves it. “

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    Dr. Torigoe
    Boston, MA

    “I have been using DryShield for the past 4 months. I see mostly adult patients and they all do well with it. I have used other isolation systems in the past where I’ve had many patients who could not tolerate it. I couldn’t use it and had to throw it away. With DryShield mouthpieces being autoclavable, I feel it’s much more eco-friendly and less waste being produced.
    DryShield is much more comfortable than any other system I’ve used. I use DryShield for almost all my posterior composite procedures and crown preps. For crown preps, I find using it on lower arch really helps retract the cheeks and lips allowing me to concentrate more on my work instead of worrying about traumatizing or retracting it.”

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    Dr. Hwang
    La Palta, MD

    “DryShield is perfect for pedo practice where kid’s attention span is so short. I could be efficient and less local anesthetic can be given since I don’t have to put clamps for rubber dams. I use DryShield for most all of my operative procedures including composites, stainless steel crowns, etc. Also, I use it for multiple sealants because I could etch both upper and lower arch together saving time and improving the retention with longer etching time. The sealants I place with DryShield gives me an extra hand to retract operculum on mandibular 1st or 2nd molars, improving the quality and retention of the sealants dramatically. Not only the time saving (which is about 20-30% for sealants only procedure and 50% for operative procedures, I love the quality that I get with DryShield.”

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    Dr. Gibson
    Livermore, CA

    “Our entire team (DDS, Hygienists and Extended Functions Assistants) loves the DryShield product. We just equipped all of our operatories to use the DryShield System. It’s been a life saver in delivering better patient care and helping with isolation for restorative. Our extended functions assistants love that the DryShield System makes it easier for them to place fillings by themselves without the need for assistance from our dentists. We also love the fact that if we don’t know the mouthpiece size that we are using, we can try different sizes to see what is most comfortable for our patients and not be concerned with tossing out a contaminated mouthpiece that cannot be sterilized. We sincerely appreciate your expertise and the time you took to integrate this amazing tool into our office. The recommendations from other dentists that you shared with us was very helpful in stimulating us to invest in the DryShield System.”

  • I love it!!! Can’t work without it any more hahaha! Thank you for asking! I have recommended it to everybody.

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    Dr. Rosiemarie Cruz
    Long Beach, CA

    I have been using DryShield for about three months now. It has become one of the most valuable equipment in my practice. I am amazed at how simple and safe procedures have become for my patients and myself. I have used DryShield for sealants, crown preps, and fillings. It makes the working field so accessible yet it is comfortable and safe for my patients at the same time. The autoclaving process has been a breeze and has not damaged the mouthpieces in any way. I am so grateful that I made the decision to try DryShield in my practice. It is invaluable to me now.

  • I have used many other isolation products and DryShield is superior. It is quieter than other things I’ve tried, it’s easier to put in the mouth, and it’s more economical. It’s a win-win win! Seriously, I would have trouble going back to doing dentistry without DryShield. It would be like doing dentistry without loupes. I am grateful for a technology that makes my job SO much easier, saves me money, and makes me faster. I use DryShield on crown preps, fillings, and sealants. It frees up my assistant to do other things, so my assistants love it, too. Also, I have an assistant who can place fillings. She is able to do fillings by herself using DryShield and she doesn’t need her own assistant. My hygienist loves to use DryShield for scaling and root planing too. I am definitely quicker when using DryShield: maybe about 30% quicker. Also, I need less assistants because DryShield is like a robot assistant. So it saves me money by making me faster and not needing to pay for as many assistant hours.I was hesitant at first if it was able to be sterilized to the same degree as other instruments. I tried the 30 day free trial so that I could see how well the mouthpieces could be sterilized. I have not had any issues.

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    Dr. Mindy Richtsmeier
    West Des Moines, IA

    My very first time using DryShield, I knew that i loved it! Fillings on 2 wisdom teeth on a patient with a severe gag reflex…the stuff that nightmares are made of (for the dental team and the patient!). We were all having a terrible time with his gag reflex, so I got up to do a hygiene check because we all needed a break. By the time I got back, my assistant had pulled the new DryShield system out, had the patient excited about it, and had it in his mouth and ready to go. The rest of the procedure was magical for everyone – no gagging, great isolation, stress free! Easy to use and amazing for difficult situations… thank you DryShield!

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    Dr. Nathan Becker
    Charleston, SC

    DryShield has been a win from the moment we started using it.  We recouped our investment cost in increased production revenue in less than a day and a half. We use DryShield during all restorative procedures, and I can easily see it being beneficial when placing sealants.  DryShield has increased our restorative production by — and I’m notkidding here — at least 20%, and that’s with reliable isolation that beats even that of a rubber dam.  I work exclusively with children, and DryShield has dramatically eased many of the common concerns which frequently arise when treating younger patients, such as pooling saliva & wandering tongues. As long as any oral fluids are thoroughly rinsed away and the mouthpieces are further cleansed in a proteolytic ultrasonic bath, the mouthpieces come out of the autoclave looking brand new every time.  It’s crucial to my practice philosophy that waste be minimized, and I’m happy DryShield’s mouthpieces are autoclavable compared to other disposable products

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    Dr. Han Choi
    Lubbock, TX

    I have been using DryShield over 2 yrs now and it was the one of the best decisions I have ever made since I started dentistry. Since I have been used DryShield, I am saving at least 30% of my procedures times with better quality works. I am using it for all aspects of procedures such as restorative, SRP and even placing and restoring implants sometimes. Previously I used non-autoclavable mouthpieces and they worked fine as well but the adding cost was incomparable to using DryShield. Autoclaving the mouthpiece is straight forward and any assistants can learn in 10 minutes.

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    Dr. William Moorhead, DMD
    Flemingsburg, KY

    For isolation, I prefer to use DryShield for its portability from room to room and the ability to autoclave the mouthpieces. The company also gives me terrific customer service.

  • DryShield has been a great purchase for me in my practice! I’m using DryShield for cleanings, quad. scales, restorative and crown and bridge procedures. I definitely notice a reduction in procedure times, probably 20-25% or more! The most significant change I notice is that I’m not stopping and starting to change cotton rolls, dry tips, and allow patient to swallow. Once DryShield is in place and the patient is comfortable, I just get to work! I would recommend DryShield to any Hygienist or Dentist!

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    Dr. Paul Lustiger
    Jersey City, NJ

    I just started using the DryShield last week, and my experience thus far has been great. I was worried about patient acceptance but that has not been a problem at all. I have used it for quadrant restorations and a lower molar crown prep, and it is a pleasure not worrying about maintaining a dry and isolated field. I highly recommend this product!

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    Dr. Joshua Dorris
    Queen Creek, AZ

    The DryShield unit has been amazing. I have used other more and less expensive brands of these types of suction units, and I can say without a doubt that this one performs the best in my opinion. It is simple to use and install, taking less than a minute of my assistant’s time when installing the traveling unit; and even less with a dedicated high evacuation line. My patients have nothing but good things to say about it, and I have had multiple patients fall asleep while using the unit. I use this for nearly every restorative procedure you could think of. The unit is excellent for everything from quadrant dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation cases. The use of DryShield has allowed me to cut my restorative times nearly in half. You can avoid constant swallowing breaks or the inevitable grasping of mucosa with high evacuation suction simply by placing this mouthpiece. This has also allowed my assistant’s the freedom of running into and out of the room (such as the case when performing same day crown preparations and seats) without leaving me feeling stranded or frustrated. Anyone who has ever used a bite block is an excellent candidate for this system’s use from pediatric to geriatric care. When cleaning the system, it has been very simple and time effective by simply following the manufacturer’s recommendations (which you will likely give directly to your assistants). This is one of the best purchases I have made in my short career as a dentist and foresee buying additional units for all of my restorative rooms.

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    Dr. Violetta Roller
    San Antonio, TX

    At times when we are short-staffed, DryShield allows me to work unassisted while cutting a prep.  My assistant can take x-rays on another patient while I work.  By the time I’m ready to restore, the assistant is once again chair-side.  Additionally, I’ve been very surprised how well it has worked with patients who have a hyperactive gag reflex.  Once I am able to coach them through breathing through the nose, they have been able to tolerate the DryShield, allowing me to work safely, efficiently and place the best restoration possible.  DryShield is also a wonderful throat screen.  It protects the patients from swallowing or aspirating bits of amalgam, burs, or other small items.  I use it routinely for crown and bridge and operative procedures.

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    Dr. Devin Orvin
    West Valley, UT

    DryShield technology is an essential part of my busy practice.  Whether I am placing an implant, surgically extracting a molar or doing composite fillings,  with the DryShield in place I am able to provide faster higher quality dental care.

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    Dr. Lisa Treviño
    Spring, TX

    I feel that I have given my patients the best possible experience and outcome I can with the field isolation DryShield provides, and that’s a great feeling!  
    I am able to easily use DryShield for operative and sedation appointments, sealants-anything really. It is also easily used on the smallest to the biggest patients. The greatest benefit to my practice and patients that I have seen is the increase in same-day sealant placement. I also see an increased level of sealant retention over time that I feel is because of DryShield’s field control. My assistants love that the mouthpiece can be flipped open for ease of cleaning, and they have commented that the material of the mouthpiece does not lend itself to debris retention.   Overall easy to clean and maintain, and no headaches with the sterilization process.
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    Dr. Ashish Patel
    Brentwood, TN

    DryShield has changed how I practice dentistry at Nashville Dentistry Co. It has allowed me to be more efficient with restorations and even surprisingly crown preparations. I am able to prepare and fill quadrants in a shorter periods of time due to the patient not having to take as many breaks. In addition, I am able to cut down on patient’s chair time and visits to the dental office. Patients are more relaxed and calmer with the DryShield in their mouth.
    I use DryShield for prepping and filling composite restorations, crown preparations, core buildups, and even cementation of crowns. My hygienist use DryShield also.
    Time savings are unbelievable. I am able to reduce patient chair time and ensure they are comfortable during the procedures. It also has changed how patients perceive the dental chair. My patients actually request using a DryShield device. The key is I am able to isolate and keep saliva from contaminating my preparations.
    Autoclaving the mouthpieces is a game changer. It is nice to be able to try different sizes without worrying about throwing away mouthpieces due to wrong sizing. I recommend DryShield over the competitor any day. I recommend any new office make this is an essential purchase. I have now added DryShield to all of my dental chairs.
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    Dr. Ankalappa
    Fort Worth, TX

    At Ross Dental, we use DryShield for almost on all procedures except RCT.
    New Patient Exam – Intra oral Photographs, Air Flow Prophy, Piezo Prophy, Scaling and Root Planing. Restorations and sealants. Crown Preparation and crown cementation. It frees up the assistant, she can really focus on making sure the patient is comfortable and getting things ready for the next steps. It is a must have tool for the patient comfort, efficient and higher level of patient care.
    Thank you for providing exceptional after sales follow up.
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    Dr. Jeanne Martin
    Corbin, KY

    DryShield is awesosme!  We used a competitor’s product before and we couldn’t deal with the cost in our small office.   If we tried one in and it didn’t fit, we wasted money!  Fast forward to DryShield.  There is no waste!  They are comfortable for the patients and easy to use!  We use them for nearly all procedures from periodontal treatments to crown preps.  Our doctors and assistants especially like them on lower posteriors because they keep everything visible and dry while protecting the patient’s tongue!  After the appointment, we simply remove and use a brush to wash them off, we put them in the autoclave and they are ready to go for the next patient.  We have full confidence and have had no problems with breakdown in the autoclave.  Thank you for making an extraordinary product and making it so much more affordable!  We really appreciate it!

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    Dr. Aja Nichols
    Smyrna, GA

    I love DryShield.  I use it on ANY procedure that I have to maintain an unobstructed area in regards to the tongue, cheek, or saliva. It’s probably saving me 10+ minutes, easily. Even autoclaving them has been easy. We make sure we clean it as thoroughly as possible by gently brushing off any debris, and place it in the autoclave. It’s been a great asset thus far.

  • I have been using DryShield for 7 months. I use it on approximately 90% of my restorative patients (fillings, crown, bridge, even implants). I love using DryShield as it allows me to work much faster and more confidently (compared to cotton roll isolation) knowing that it will be suctioning and retracting all at the same time. When placing restorations I love predictably having a dry field and it has even caught a few broken burs for me. Compared to similar products, I enjoy the cost savings in the fact that DryShield can be autoclaved rather then single use. My assistants report it takes them about 30 seconds or less to clean it before placing in the ultrasonic followed by the autoclave. Overall, I will continue to use DryShield as it allows me to work much more quickly, more predictably having a clean dry field, and less stressful knowing that the tongue is retracted, or a bur or implant screw will be caught.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Christian Andrus
    McAlester, OK (Heartland Dental)

    Not only are patients more comfortable but my dental assistants don’t have to constantly combat the tongue. I have found on the days we have a clinical team member call off, we tend to stay just as productive only because of the DryShield. Also, quadrant dentistry has become far more productive. I have a DryShield in almost every op, I can’t think of doing dentistry without it.


  • doctor image

    Dr. Juan Yepes
    International Speaker

    I am a pediatric dentist that has been using DryShield for about 7 months.  DryShield is an intuitive and easy to use system.  Since using DryShield, my chair time is much more efficient and my procedures are delivered with a high quality due to the near perfect isolation.  Furthermore, the system is friendly to all my pediatric patients.  The materials used in the system are soft, and without any question, easy to place in the oral cavity.  My chair-side assistants have mastered the placement of the DryShield mouthpiece. Definitively, DryShield is a great isolation system in my pediatric practice!

  • doctor image

    Dr. Sawyer
    Lynchburg, VA

    “I use the DryShield for every operative procedure, including using it for my conscious sedation and hospital cases. Being a pediatric dentist, DryShield allows me to be more productive and the children are very comfortable with using the DryShield. DryShield shortens the time the patient is in the chair and gives me the peace of mind for the safety of the patient.

    After using a different isolation system for years, the overall maintenance and costs are significantly lower. DryShield gives me more consistent results and most every child is comfortable using the DryShield.

    Being able to autoclave the mouthpieces cuts my cost significantly compared with the costs of the previous system I was using.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Kingma
    Grand Rapids, MI

    “As a pediatric dentist, time, patient comfort, and isolation are critical. DryShield has improved each of these aspects for my practice. I’ve used other isolation systems before, and DryShield is superior in every way. My patients find it to be more comfortable, the bite block is stronger, it’s more cost effective, it’s autoclavable, and it can attach to my high vac system. It’s very quick and easy to set up. I use the DryShield on almost every operative procedure I do. It has made my sealant appointments shorter, provides much better isolation than strictly using a mouth prop and cotton roll isolation, resulting in a better sealant overall. I highly recommend DryShield!”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Allen
    Meriden, CT

    “My experience with DryShield has been nothing but positive. I am a pediatric dentist and have found it to be very helpful in increasing patient comfort and safety. I have also noticed a dramatic increase in the speed at which I am able to complete procedures as I no longer have to fight with “strong, curious tongues” or explain the “raincoat and tooth ring”. We use it for sealants and all restorative procedures. It was extremely quick to set up and the staff finds it very easy to clean and autoclave. The assistants love it, the patients and parents love it and I love it too. It has been a great addition to the practice.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Kresevic
    Wylie, TX

    “As a pediatric dentist, you need to work fast and be efficient since children have a short attention span and get tired in a few minutes.
    Dryshield has changed my life since it allows me to work faster due to the incredible isolation it offers. I have great access and visibility. I can easily work on the upper and lower quadrant of one side of the mouth without needing to change out the rubber dam.
    It is very safe since it prevents any material or object from going into the throat.
    I also noticed that my patients are more comfortable and relaxed during treatment, even the ones that have a strong gag reflex. They just do great!
    I love Dryshield! I think it is a great invention. I really don’t know how in the world I practiced dentistry without it.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Jaju
    Reston, VA

    “I think it is a great system! The sleek design and ease of use make it perfect for a pediatric office… The mouthpieces are also shaped wonderfully where we have very high acceptance by even our young patients… The only thing I sometimes do is turn the suction half way to reduce the sound because in our office patients are watching a movie during their Restorative visits… We use it for all our pediatric restorative, sealants, stainless steel or zirconium crowns, laser dentistry, you name it… Makes me feel great to not have to chuck out the mouthpiece after each use, but rather help the environment as well as the pocket book by autoclaving it ?”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Chen


    “DryShield is a really great product! It frees up my assistant’s hands for suctioning so we can complete a procedure much faster. I like the fact that it is autoclavable. Also, because it blocks the tongue and pharynx well, I’m no longer worried all the time of anything dropping down the throat. In terms of isolation, if a correct mouthpiece size is selected, it provides better isolation than rubber dam. For instance, I don’t have to worry about saliva leakage from the unsealed sides of the clamp. Overall, I recommend this product to my dental friends. It has high acceptance rate for even the pediatric patients, especially those who hate the mouth prop.”

  • doctor image

    La Crescenta, CA

    “I have found that my pediatric patients tolerate DryShield very well. I find it especially useful for partially erupted or otherwise difficult to isolate first and second permanent molars. It also allows me to prep and restore teeth in opposing arches simultaneously, which saves time and keeps my patients happier.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Huang
    Fontana, CA

    “This is one of the must have products in our office. It helps me to perform better dentistry. Not only am I using it for composite restorations, but also for pediatric restorations and SRP. The autoclavable mouthpieces also really save you a lot of money.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Velasquez
    Welasco, TX

    “I really like DryShield! It helps me to have good isolation and I think it is great that you can sterilize the mouthpieces.
    As a pediatric dentist, I do oral sedations and it is fundamental to protect the airway.
    DryShield is easy to use and place in the mouth. It retracts the tongue, cheek and protects the throat. It allows me to see everything in the mouth compared to the rubber dam that isolates well, but is more cumbersome to place and which blocks your view of the amount of saliva and water that is still in the mouth.
    I use DryShield on all restorative, extractions, pulpotomies, and SSC procedures.”

  • doctor image

    Brooke, Q Family Dental
    Tigard, OR

    “Our office uses DryShield for all posterior composites and pediatric procedures. It has been very helpful being able to autoclave the product and so nice not to have to keep inventory as well because we know we have every size all the time! So far our experience has been a very positive one.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Wah
    Staten Island, NY

    “I love DryShield and I use it on almost all of my procedures on my pediatric patients. I think it saves be about 30% on treatment time as it isolates two quadrants at the same time. Cleanup is a breeze with DryShield. Great for the doctors, patients, and assistants. If there are any doctors that would like to speak to me, I would be happy to recommend DryShield. Thanks!”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Ergas
    Manchester, NH

    “So, I finally took the big step and tried DryShield. I had been wanting to find something similar to my modern isolation system that was sterilizable and not disposable because of the economics of my pediatric dental practice. I recently had a crown redone and my dentist used Isolite on me. Unfortunately, I needed something that would be less costly. So when I saw DryShield’s ad for the 45 day free trial I had to give it a whirl. I had nothing to lose. DryShield exceeded my expectations and my assistants loved it. This is definitely and adjunct for the “tool box” in any dental practice. It is fantastic for sealants and restorative on “good” patients. Many of the “kiddos” liked it better then the rubber dam. Isolation for sealants was far superior compared to cotton rolls and dry angles. I found it far less stressful because it is much easier to maintain a dry field and control moisture – key to sealant success for any practitioner. Faster and less armamentarium. You can do complete sealants and restorative on both the maxillary and mandibular arches simultaneously for each side – this is a time savings. No cotton rolls, no dry angles, no saliva ejector. Wow!!! Give it a “whirl” you will be pleasantly surprised how well DryShield really works.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Chansoo Hah / Dr. Shin
    Closter, NJ

    DryShield is the best product to have in the office. It saved a lot of time and gave us perfect isolation needed for fillings. At the same time, it increased the production significantly. I was able to work on more quadrants for fillings, SSC, and extractions. It also retracted the tongue and soft tissue so well which provided patients safety and reduced the risk of aspiration. I would recommend DryShield to every dentist who wants to provide best service to their patients. DryShield is the best product to have in the office. It saved a lot of time and gave us perfect isolation needed for fillings. At the same time, it increased the production significantly. I was able to work on more quadrants for fillings, SSC, and extractions. It also retracted the tongue and soft tissue so well which provided patients safety and reduced the risk of aspiration. I would recommend DryShield to every dentist who wants to provide best service to their patients.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Paul Rose
    Beckley, WV

    I purchased one DryShield unit just to see if it made sealants easier. Then I purchased another. Now I have four because my staff loved using it and our sealants are holding up much longer. We use DryShield for sealants and small restorative cases. Now a single staff member can apply sealants in a few minutes when it used to take two staff members 30 minutes. I am also impressed with the durability of the mouthpieces under the stress of the autoclave. My staff and I have greatly improved our quality and efficiency by using DryShield.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Matthew Killingsworth
    Fayetteville, AR

    DryShield allows me to to complete two quads of op at the same time. 95% of my kids are able to tolerate it. I use it for every procedure including extractions. DryShield acts as my throat shield. Sealants are done same day as exam due to DryShield making the sealant procedure fast and predictable. I could not work without my DryShield.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Nick Paquin
    East Greenwich, RI

    We are using DryShield all day long. It helps increase production. In pediatrics, as long as the child can tolerate it, DryShield often allows us to skip palatal anesthesia vs. using a rubber dam which is a big benefit. It also allows my hygienists and assistants to complete sealants much more effectively with only 2 handed dentistry. We love the cost savings aspect that sterilizable mouthpieces offer.

  • DryShield is the one of the best tools in dentistry!  We use it for everything, pulps and crowns, sealants, extractions and really all restorative procedures.  With the use of DryShield I have more control and less chance for moisture contamination.  DryShield helps my procedures flow so much easier and I’m able to work on 2 quadrants at a time.  Kids love it and ask for the fishy tale or mermaid tail after seeing me introduce it.  I highly recommend this to all dentists, not just pediatric dentists as the retraction and isolation is fantastic.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Sonja Jarmoszuk
    Rocky River, OH

    To me, being a Pediatric Dentist is very rewarding. Most of my dental colleagues call me crazy for dealing with small mouths, unpredictable patients, and challenging parents. Yes, I totally agree with them but due to a few advances since graduating dental school in 1999, I feel that my job is easier. DryShield is one of those advances. Kids are active, especially their tongues. DryShield allows me to keep my work area dry, open, and easier to complete my work. The rigid bite block won’t allow patients to close which saves me needing to place a traditional scissor mouth prop as well with other systems. I also love that it is autoclavable. We now live in a world that promotes recycling and I feel that DryShield helps me with that. I get about 25 uses before I need to throw it away. Thanks for making this amazing product, I will continue using it in my pediatric practice.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Timothy McCabe
    Westfield, NJ

    DryShield is working very well for patients age 9 and up for sealants and permanent tooth restorations.  It helps free up my assistant so she can do more for the patients during procedures.  It also is huge during general anesthesia cases and saves time for me while retracting the lips and tongue.  The pedo size mouthpiece works well for teens and young adults too. I am probably saving about 25% of my time using this device. Autoclaving is simple and easy.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Stephen C. Mitchell
    Birmingham, AL

    We are a clinic that treats developmentally disabled clients. Our patients range from high functioning Downs patients to profoundly affected autistic patients. Achieving a dry field for restorative care can be a tremendous challenge. We find DryShield to be a significant help for many cases. Yes, some of our patients’ gag reflex is too pronounced to use it; but for most, DryShield protects our patients from the tastes and water spray that triggers their gag reflex. Also, DryShield controls our patient’s tongue and keeps it away from the bur. And, we get a dry field for placing our restoration. Finally, since the mouthpieces are autoclavable, it does not cost us anything if our patient cannot tolerate it. We are loving this product.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Gregson
    Metairie, LA

    “We purchased DryShield in September 2015 instead of other isolation systems. Not only did it cost much less but it worked as good or better. We use it on almost every operative procedure, crown preps, crown cementation, and sealants. Sealants are unbelievably easy and FAST. I can actually etch upper and lower at the same time on many cases with no cotton rolls and not worry about contamination. However, I think where it has the biggest benefit is bonding our CEREC crowns. The bonding protocol is very specific and must be kept extremely dry. DryShield eases that stress tremendously.

    Sterilization has been a piece of cake. I love getting so many uses out of a mouthpiece. Lastly, speaking as a doctor who used another isolation system for many years in the military, the suction on DryShield is much stronger and patients report it to be more comfortable. I can say I am 10-20% faster using DryShield.”

    A great experience so far. We will be a long time user. Thank you!

  • doctor image

    Dr. Sarkissian
    La Crescenta, CA

    “DryShield is a wonderful product which provides isolation, comfort, and more importantly, believe it or not, safety. Particularly during procedures we routinely perform, such as CEREC, we can perform both the prep as well as the full intraoral scan without having to remove DryShield. As far as safety during removal of amalgam fillings, if we are unable to place rubber dam, DryShield will protect the patient from swallowing mercury/amalgam dust or large particles, as these usually are hard to catch despite the best suctioning techniques. Moreover, the one day I did not use DryShield while working on a lower molar, a patient with a small mouth swallowed, which of course in a split second moved her tongue directly into the bur’s path, causing a cut. This would not have happened if I had DryShield. Today DryShield is my first choice for isolation before I start work.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Roshangar
    Orange, CA

    “DryShield is fantastic. It’s easy to use and is comfortable and patients like it. I wish I had found this product much sooner.  I use DryShield for pretty much all  procedures. It facilitates scanning for Cerec. Using DryShield gives my assistant freedom to do other things and also allows me to work solo in a crunch. It also speeds up pediatric appointments. Being able to autoclave is a major plus of DryShield. We are very conscientious of the amount of trash that we generate and it helps to try to be a little “greener”.”

  • doctor image

    Dr. Bennardi
    Muncy, PA

    “I have used my Dry Shield almost everyday since I bought it. I have used it with every posterior CEREC case for imaging and I find it most useful with my dental phobic patients. These patients seem to relax and feel  comfortable because they are not feeling water or debris in the back of their throats. Also I save time with these patients because they are very cooperative and I do not have to replace isolation between preparation and restoration. I also have more room to work than if I use a rubber dam. Autoclaving the mouthpieces is very simple. We will be buying a kit for my husband’s operatory in the near future.”

  • DryShield has made me a better dentist. I have used many isolation methods in the past and DryShield combines excellent retraction for visibility, strong suction for drying the field and comfort for the patient better than any of the others. I LOVE that it is economical by being autoclavable. I am a general dentist and I use DryShield on everything! Restorative, crown and bridge, sealants. I even use it for extractions. I love the retraction and drying for when I am scanning images with my CEREC Omnicam acquisition unit. DryShield saves time and money. Less issue with contamination is big but much bigger is patient comfort and the ability to complete procedures quickly. No more talkative patients, gagging patients, patients with muscular tongues… Huge time savings. I put in the DryShield and go until I am done. So far my team has said it is easy and predictable. Following the step by step guide has given me confidence that the shields can be safely reused. My previous isolation/bite block system were disposable. The savings has been tremendous. That savings would not be worth it if I didn’t have confidence that the autoclave system and procedures were thorough and met all gudelines.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Daniel Spagnoli
    Southport, NC

    We have integrated DryShield into our practice to enhance safety and efficacy during procedures such as bone grafting, Dental alveolar surgery such as extraction or tori, and wisdom tooth extractions under sedation anesthesia.

    The device provides stabilized mandible position and an open field for surgery, while greatly enhancing airway protection and the suction of surgical fluids.

    A typical example is using DryShield during a sinus lift bone graft procedure.

  • doctor image

    Dr. Arthur Acker
    Venice, FL

    My patients and I have enjoyed and benefited from using the DryShield. Being able to isolate the quadrant in which we are working, provide the necessary suction and holding the tongue out of the way. DryShield has made our treatment easier and better. DryShield is a great product at a great price! I HIGHLY recommend it for dentists, hygienists, and assistants!


  • doctor image

    Judy Bendit, RDH BS
    Philadelphia, PA

    There are many options for suction but I like DryShield the BEST. All the single-use options add up in cost… I love that I can sterilize DryShield! They have a few sizes that work and from an ergonomic standpoint, they make my job easier

  • “We love using DryShield and can’t imagine working without it. As hygienists working in pediatric dentistry a simple procedure such a sealants can become challenging. DryShield removes the stress from the clinicians and puts ease on the patients. It’s simple to use, comfortable and autoclavable. It keeps the patients mouth open and dry. The different sizes available allows it to be used on any patient. Since the DryShield keeps the patients mouth open and dry we are able to work faster and no longer need an assistant. Overall we are very satisfied with our DryShield and recommend it, every office should have one.”

  • doctor image

    Paige Surico, RDH
    Plainfield, IL

    DryShield has been a huge bonus to the office I work at. It has cut down the time almost in half for our operative visits.I work at the pediatric dentist office and the kids say it is a lot more comfortable then the rubber dam isolation we used to use. It catches all the water so the kids don’t feel like they are choking with all the water. I love that I can custom fit each DryShield for each patient. I even have some 3-year olds who are great with it! We use it for just about everything… fillings, stainless steal crowns, nu smile crowns, sealants, ultrasonic scaling and air polishing! I love it for air polishing because everything just gets sucked up right away. It used to take me 17-20 mins to do 4 sealants and now it only takes me 10 and I don’t even need an assistant passing things to me. It keeps the tooth completely dry. After I am done with it I just wash it off in the sink and drop it in the ultrasonic and then autoclave it. Even our general anesthesia cases have been going faster. We are able to work on 2 quadrants at a time instead of just one while the child is asleep. This has saved our patients’ parents lots of money since anesthesia cases are not cheap. This product has made everyone’s life better, from the dentist to the assistants.

  • doctor image

    Jasmine Williams RDH, BDSH, MHA
    Dallas, TX

    As a traveling Registered Dental Hygienist, DryShield is my favorite piece of equipment to bring to dental offices. I love that it’s portable and can easily attach to many different units. I use DryShield the most during quadrant scaling and root planing procedures. DryShield benefits myself as a clinician and the patient by increasing comfort and efficiency. On average, I’ve noticed that DryShield allows me to perform procedures 50% faster due to it’s ability to suction, remove excess water, and keep the mouth open all at once. I love how the mouthpieces are also easily autoclavable, which makes the product cost efficient. DryShield is an amazing product and reduces fatigue which makes my job easier!

  • doctor image

    Dental Assistant

    Plantation, FL

    “Hello my name is Crystal. I’m a Dental Assistant who uses DryShield on a daily basis. DryShield really helps me throughout my day. It’s very easy to use! I’m so amazed at how simple it is to clean and sterilize. I work with small children and sometimes it can be a bit challenging; but using DryShield helps me give great service at a fast pace to my patients. Not only is it good for children, but adults as well. DryShield mostly helps my doctor and I during oral sedation, fillings, extractions and sealants. DryShield is overall a great tool to have; every dental office should own one!”

  • “DryShield is my new best friend! Being an EFDA I work primarily by myself. Using DryShield I have no need for an additional assistant. I hardly use cotton rolls or dry angles. The patient comfort is superb and it protects my patient from aspirating small items such as a wooden wedge. You can use DryShield for pretty much any procedure; I use it for sealants and composites. The main benefits of DryShield for me include protection from aspiration and more time-efficient procedures. Also, autoclaving is completely simple and easy. Overall, DryShield is easy to use, easy to transport from operatory to operatory, all while offering great patient comfort and protection.”

    -Chris, Extended Function Dental Assistant”