Discover The Benefits

DryShield is changing the paradigm for modern dentistry, delivering a host of benefits for your practice.

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures patient safety
  • Saves valuable time for both dentist and patient
  • Allows the practice to see more patients in a day
  • Frees the dental assistant to multi-task
  • Autoclavable mouthpiece saves money
  • DryShield dentists are saving 20-40% of procedure time and seeing more patients in each day

What Sets Dryshield Apart?

  • DryShield has been engineered to be fully autoclavable, and therefore affordable
  • Installation is simple, attaching directly to the HVE – no special equipment required
  • The DryShield mouthpiece is made from soft and flexible silicone that contours to the patient’s mouth
  • Each mouthpiece size features a matching interchangeable bite block, giving the patient a firm place to rest while enabling the dentist to customize for a perfect fit in every mouth
  • Hands-free, continuous suction allows patients to be comfortable and assistants to multi-task
  • The DryShield system is portable between operatories and offices
Interactive: Mouse over each mouthpiece part to learn more


Removes water, saliva and debris from patient's mouth to keep your work area dry

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