Notice: DryShield is currently processing all orders through dental suppliers and no longer fulfilling sales directly, as of September 1, 2022.

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Aerosols in the Dental Practice:
How DryShield can be a part of
your plan to minimize risk of infection

Isolation. Simplified.


Introducing DryShield, The All-in-One Isolation System —
Now with Autoclavable and Single-Use* Mouthpieces Available.

DryShield combines the tasks of high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device.  It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation, bringing ease and comfort to doctors and patients.  Designed by a dentist for dentists, the patented mouthpiece is engineered
in two options — autoclavable and single-use — to meet your needs for maximum affordability or convenience .
DryShield lets you focus on what you do best:  Providing quality dentistry and the ideal patient experience.

Rediscover your love of dentistry.

*North America only.

“Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful product into our practice. I use it for crowns and filling procedures. I also have my hygienist using it for sealants. I’ve only used it a few times, but it looks fine after the autoclave. For now, I am placing the mouthpiece, but I am training my assistants to do so in the future. The material feels comfortable and it is very easy to install.”
Dr. Kalmanovich
Laguna Beach, CA
“I have been a supporter of isolation devices like DryShield from the beginning. Now that DryShield created a mouthpiece that can be sterilized, I use it all day to complete procedures like hygiene, composites, extractions, implant placement, and crowns. The mouthpiece is amazing; it sterilizes and keeps its crystal clear appearance. The quality and quantity of my dental services have only increased, yet my stress and frustration with isolation has vanished. It takes 4-handed dentistry to 6- or 8-handed dentistry comparatively.”
Dr. Douglas
Rocklin, CA
“DryShield has made my life so much easier. I use it for all restorative and crown and bridge procedures. I’d estimate it saves me about 30% procedural time. I have a couple mouthpieces in the lineup for the past 2 months and have not thrown one out yet. They appear to be holding up very nicely after lots of autoclave cycles. Overall, very happy with the product and the customer service is great. I would not hesitate to recommend DryShield to my colleagues.”
Dr. Martik
Pittsburgh, PA

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