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Frequently Asked Questions

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DryShield Protects

Yes. In addition to isolation, retraction, and keeping the working environment clean, the DryShield system provides a high-volume continuous suction to help control and reduce aerosols. 

We believe the best approach is multi-layered — involving standard precautions in the office alongside measures to help reduce aerosol and splatter during procedures. See our step-by-step checklist with tips for controlling aerosol and reducing the risk of infection.

Productivity & Savings with DryShield

For dentists using traditional isolation, better isolation and control of the working area will lead to a 25-40% reduction in chair time on every procedure. Greater efficiency will allow you to fit more into each appointment, schedule more appointments and free up your assistant to be more productive.

For dentists using other modern isolation systems, DryShield offers the only fully autoclavable system and mouthpieces on the market. DryShield autoclavable mouthpiece can be sterilized alongside your other dental instruments. This means a lower cost per use so modern isolation can fit into the economics of every dental practice.

With DryShield, the days of juggling dry angles, cotton rolls, gauze, clamps, high suction, rubber dams and saliva ejectors are over. On average, DryShield dentists see a 25-40% reduction in chair time on every procedure. For more detail on the time savings by specific procedure, see the results of our study on dentist productivity with DryShield

Yes!  The DryShield system was designed from the ground up to be environmentally friendly.  The flagship DryShield system is the first and only fully autoclavable all-in-one isolation system on the market, including autoclavable mouthpieces that can be sterilized and reused.  Our single-use mouthpieces were also designed to be 100% recyclable.

Installing DryShield

Install in seconds by twisting off your existing HVE and twisting the DryShield DS1 system onto the existing hose. You’re now ready to enjoy all the benefits of DryShield!

See how it works in our short video.

Use our portable kit, insert DryShield DS1 into one end of the portable operatory kit, and plug the other metal end into the standard HVE tip. See how it works in this short video.

Who Can Benefit from DryShield

Dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants can all benefit from the many advantages of DryShield. Assistants especially love how DryShield allows them to multi-task.

All dental procedures requiring proper care, visibility and suction can be made even more efficient with DryShield, including sealants, fillings, crowns, implants, extractions, and  scaling and planing. Nearly every dentist using modern isolation will enjoy greater productivity savings.

Using DryShield

DryShield mouthpieces are designed to accommodate all possible dental situations from a small child to full-grown adults. DryShield can even fit adults with limited opening and TMJ issues. Our goal is to provide dental professionals with an array of customization options to maximize patient comfort and facilitate dental work of the highest quality.

Autoclavable DryShield mouthpieces come in 5 different sizes: X-Pedo, Pedo, Small, Medium, and Large. Each autoclavable mouthpiece includes an interchangeable bite block for that size, which can be used with other mouthpieces for the perfect fit. Single-use mouthpieces (with bite block attached) come in 4 different sizes: Pedo, Small, Medium, and Large.

The Small and Medium sizes are appropriate for a typical adult, while the Pedo size is a good starting point for a pediatric patient. See how to size and place a mouthpiece in our short video.

Absolutely! DryShield mouthpieces are designed for patient comfort using soft, flexible material that contours to the patient’s mouth.

Spray a mixture of air and water from the syringe inside the connector area of the mouthpiece. Slide and twist the moist, lubricated mouthpiece onto the DryShield DS1 until it locks into place. See how it works in our short video.

It takes just seconds to insert a mouthpiece into a patient’s mouth and adapt it for a comfortable fit. Learn how to place a mouthpiece in our short video.

A good patient introduction describes the benefits to the patient and how the DryShield mouthpiece works, and guides the patient to breathe through their nose.

For pediatric patients, see our Tip of the Month on Introducing DryShield to Young Patients.


Both the DryShield DS1 and autoclavable mouthpieces are completely autoclavable. Autoclavable mouthpieces can be sterilized alongside your other dental instruments. (The single-use mouthpiece option is not autoclavable and cannot be sterilized or reused.)

See our Sterilization section for detailed instructions on how to sterilize the DryShield DS1 and autoclavable mouthpieces.

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