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When to Replace Mouthpieces

DryShield owners love that our mouthpieces can be treated like other dental instruments and sterilized after use. Like all tools, however, there comes a time when they need to be replaced.

Generally, we recommend replacing DryShield mouthpieces after 50 autoclave cycles, but there are other indicators that it’s time for a new mouthpiece:

  • Retraction:  After many uses, you may notice the mouthpiece becoming softer. If you start seeing reduced retraction of soft tissue (like the cheek and tongue) affecting your isolation and performance, it’s probably time for a new mouthpiece.
  • Tint:  As a rule of thumb, when the mouthpiece begins to take on a perceptible tint, it is an indicator that it may be time for disposal and replenishment. When you see this, we recommend you replace the mouthpiece to ensure the perfect patient experience.

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