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Using DryShield to Make CAD/CAM Dentistry More Efficient

Did you know that DryShield can be invaluable for doctors using CAD/CAM units such as the CEREC? CAD/CAM doctors report that DryShield can reduce procedure times by an average of 25%.

The key to successful CAD/CAM dentistry is achieving an accurate scan of the patient’s teeth. DryShield makes scanning easy by holding the patient’s tongue and cheek out of the way, maintaining a dry scanning area, and ensuring patient comfort with the bite block for resting. As a result, CAD/CAM doctors are noticing that patients need fewer breaks – which means fewer interruptions during scanning.

For Redcam or Bluecam users, the dry environment provided by DryShield means that less time is needed to apply the scanning powder. For Omnicam users, the process is even faster, as the doctor can jump right into the scanning part of the procedure.

Many doctors use DryShield as a guide in achieving a smooth, quick scan, by applying a small amount of vaseline along the central line of the mouthpiece and gliding the tip of the scanner against it, while rotating the scanner around the tooth.

If you are interested in learning more about how DryShield can improve CAD/CAM dentistry or your efficiency overall, call us at 888-379-0300 and we’ll be more than happy to walk you through it.

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