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Using DryShield for Hygiene Procedures

Last month, we highlighted the advantages of using DryShield for the dental back-office. This month we dig further into this topic by examining the benefits of using DryShield for hygiene procedures.

If you ask a hygienist, they’ll tell you that one of the most time-consuming and ergonomically uncomfortable parts of their job is suctioning fluid and debris with the high-speed suction and saliva ejector with one hand while scaling with the other hand. With DryShield, performing hygiene procedures like ultrasonic scaling, using prophy jets, or placing sealants is more efficient, comfortable and ergonomic.

Both hygienist and patient see numerous benefits from using DryShield for hygiene:


  • Constant suction/evacuation eliminates interruptions (no need for a “third hand”)
  • Tongue and cheek are kept out of the way during the procedure
  • Work on two quadrants at once
  • Work with greater efficiency and comfort


  • Tongue, cheek and airway are protected
  • No choking on fluids or aspirating debris
  • Bite block eliminates the strain of keeping the mouth open
  • Treatment is much more comfortable and quicker as well

Interested in learning more about how DryShield can improve hygiene efficiency? Give us a call at 888-379-0300!

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