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Outfitting Operatories with DS Lite

DryShield users like yourself have told us you are looking for ways to outfit all of your operatories in a cost-effective manner. We heard you and are excited to offer the DS Lite, which includes the core DS1 system without accessories.

By adding the DS Lite to each operatory, practices with multiple operatories will now be able to use DryShield in every room and on every procedure, further increasing production and efficiency. The DS Lite lowers the entry point for converting an operatory over to DryShield – for only $350.

To make an operatory DryShield-ready, simply twist off the standard HVE with attached coupler from the hose, and then attach the DS1 to the existing hose by twisting into place.

Hear What DryShield Doctors Have to Say

“Our entire team loves DryShield. We’ve equipped all of our operatories to use the DryShield System, and it’s been a life saver in delivering better patient care and helping with isolation for restorative.”
– Dr. Dave Gibson, Livermore, CA

“I have purchased DryShield for every op and never looked back. My team and I could not practice dentistry with the isolation we require without them. My assistant does not place a sealant without a DryShield in place. It’s always on the tray set up.”
– Dr. Shane Douglas, Rocklin, CA

“I work in a relatively high-volume practice where multi-quadrant dentistry is the norm in an attempt to minimize the number of patient visits. Without a doubt, DryShield has been the best investment I’ve made thus far and I sincerely could not imagine practicing without it. When I first purchased the system, I figured that even if I used it once a week, I would still benefit; now, I use DryShield multiple times a day across a variety of procedures for which I never even thought I could use it! My patients, my assistants, and I are all grateful for DryShield because it allows us to get done what needs to get done in the most efficient way possible. In a high-volume practice, my assistants and I thrive on efficiency; for my patients, the sooner they can be done with a procedure, the happier they are!”
– Dr. Melissa Shah, Opelika, AL (Aspen Dental)

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