Notice: DryShield is currently processing all orders through dental suppliers and no longer fulfilling sales directly, as of September 1, 2022.

Introducing the NEW Smaller Pediatric Bite Block – The X-PEDIATRIC

DryShield now has two Pedo sizes; Pedo, and a smaller size called X-Pedo – for your tiniest patients.

Without DryShield it can be impossible to control kids tongue movement and isolate teeth. And when it comes to sealants, DryShield is a necessity to many pediatric dentists.  DryShield is being used on patients as young as 2 years old!

DryShield offers four mouthpiece sizes and now five interchangeable bite block sizes.   Available mouthpieces are size pedo, small, med, and large.  And available bite blocks are size: NEW x-pedo,  pedo, small, med, and large.  The new x-pedo size bite block can be used with a pedo or small size mouthpiece.  Dr. Nguyen, DryShield founder, understands that “One size does not fit all. DryShield’s various mouthpiece size offerings with the unique feature of the interchangeable bite block now allows dentists to be able to customize DryShield comfortably to almost all mouth sizes.”

Quick TIPS for Selecting the Right Pedo Sizes

  1. The x-pedo size is for your tiniest patients – usually up to three years old.
  2. The Pedo and Small mouthpiece sizes will be the most likely choices for pediatric procedures.
  3. Pedo size – usually for children < 8 years old, always used for primary dentition (baby teeth), used most of the time for early mixed dentition (i.e. baby and adult teeth, with first permanent molars barely erupted).
  4. Small size – usually for children 8+ years old, almost always used for mixed dentition (i.e. baby and adult teeth, with first permanent molars fully erupted), common size for middle-school kids up to teenagers.
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